The Journey from a Prototype to a Product

2022 Dodecahedron Calendar. Photograph by Varunphotographics

We started making a calendar on a dodecahedron in 2018. Dodecahedron is one of the five Platonic Solids, and the only one with 12 pentagonal faces. So when we were thinking of possible applications of Platonic solids in everyday life, a calendar among others was the most appealing option. In the first year we experimented with a prototype, and gradually with each passing year, we made a slight improvement over the last one incorporating feedback from the users. Slowly, our dodecahedron calendar has evolved into a legit product that is both functional and aesthetic.

Poster of Platonic Solids Making Workshop

But it doesn’t end here. We also teach students to make a dodecahedron, and other platonic solids, in our hands-on 3D Structure making workshops, conducted both online and offline. Platonic solids are helpful in understanding nature’s structures as well as for designing man-made structures and products, both functional and aesthetic. They are studied as found in nature structures as crystals, in chemical bonding and in man-made structures like Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome and 3D trusses. Drop us a line, if you would like to learn how to make one too!

Listed here are the features of our latest dodecahedron calendar 2022.
– Completely handcrafted and self-supported (aka it sits on your desk)
– Comes with a card cum bookmark with a coloured geometric pattern
– Eco-friendly packaging 
– 12 months are divided into 5 Indian seasons
– Turning each side leads you to the next month
– Includes festivals, holidays and equinoxes too (yes)
– Customizable logo on calendar and message on the card
– Ships all over India

Get one for yourself or gift your family and friends. Reach out to place an order or for customization and bulk requirements.

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