How it all began?

3D Educational Aids – our exhibit at one of the maker faires

The Makers Collaborative

Genesys Designs

In 1975, at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, under the guidance of Professors Sahib Ram Mandan of Department of Mathematics, and U.S. Bharadwaj of the Department of Architecture, Genesys Models, was started by Raj Shekhar Mishra, as a venture to make educational models that would make learning science, mathematics, and its application to engineering and technology more insightful and motivating.

Mathematics, being the language of the sciences as well as related to Art and Architecture is one of the best ways to integrate both Science and the Arts. It is, thus, a General Systems Approach to all knowledge, and Modelling is what we naturally do to simplify and represent the structure and function of all things and processes in the universe. Thus, Genesys stands for General Systems and Models is the way we try to understand the working of both Natural and Man-made Structures and Machines.

The Makers Collaborative

We started The Makers Collaborative in 2018 after participating in Makermela, a premier event for grassroot innovations organised by the Somaiya Trust in Mumbai. Although we were showcasing another project of ours, a community-led creative placemaking project at Tiretti Bazaar, Kolkata, the curiosity, engagement and demand for our 3D models, educational materials and puzzles among students, parents and educators was incredible, something we were not expecting. This got us thinking, let’s start something in the area of education that bridges the divide between Maths and Arts, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences that schools have got us conditioned into believing. After all, come to think of it, all real life problems can only be solved by interdisciplinary creative thinking and doing stuff yourself!

The Makers Collaborative, thus, expands what Genesys Designs started out with in 1975, by proposing a human-centred approach to learning by creating educational materials, setting-up makerspaces and workshops on STEAM (integration of Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Maths) using 3D models and educational aids. We develop modules, curriculum and training material for educational institutions, schools (formal and non-formal), colleges and research institutions, communities and museums, and make use of hands-on, project-based learning through models and prototypes.

We design learning experiences and facilitate workshops for NGOs, schools, cultural organisations such as museums, and individuals with special needs that are focused on ‘learning by doing’ using the techniques of design thinking, inter and multidisciplinary approach.