Mini-Zines: Library in a Box!

What’s a set of Mini-Zines called?
A Library in a Box!

An initiative by The Makers Collaborative

Page from a zine on ‘What’s a Zine?’ by The Makers Collaborative

Combining images and the written word is one the most powerful ways to communicate.
We’ve been pushing the cause of mini-zines as tools for creative learning specially for non-formal schools as the medium offers a highly accessible way to compile, synthesize and share information, and is less threatening for learners. Presently, with the classroom going online, zines can be used as supplementary educational materials for students in formal schools as well. Over the past two years, we have created zines with children from various schools and  NGOs, and with teachers and adults too, on a variety of topics. 

Library in a Box

This year, we are stepping things up with the concept of a ‘Mini-Zine Library in a Box’. This little box will have zines customized for classes on specific topics covering STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) subjects, in the required languages, along with empty zines to make learning new topics interesting, challenging and fun. The beauty of zines is that you can very easily make one by yourself but to do that you need to have a story to tell, in your own voice. To make a zine, the child has to synthesize and compile their own knowledge on a given topic, and that’s where understanding, having one’s perspective, making and communicating kicks in. 

If you are an NGO, school, educator or parent, drop us a line to know more about Library in a Box. 

What is a mini-zine?

Created with a single A4 sheet of paper, a mini-zine has 8 sides and can be easily shared digitally, and photocopied and shared offline. Look at this one made by 12 year old Aditi from Delhi at our online workshop ‘Make Your Own Mini-Zine’. It’s called ‘A New Sort of Freedom’.

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